Symbolic image of home burglar radar
Home burglary radar
The Gelsenkirchen police have been providing information on the distribution of domestic burglaries in the city of Gelsenkirchen since 11.04.2016.

"Secure your home, be alert, dial "110"!" These are the key recommendations for all citizens in the fight against home burglars.

The Gelsenkirchen police want people to feel safe in their own homes. This includes keeping you informed about the ongoing development of burglary crime in the city of Gelsenkirchen.

We provide you with overview maps in which the residential burglaries (including attempts) of the last four weeks in the individual districts are recorded. For reasons of data protection, we refrain from mapping the exact locations of the burglary scenes, i.e. the streets and house numbers.

We hope that our citizens will become even more concerned with the issue of burglary when they see that there has been a break-in in their "neighborhood". We are thinking, among other things, of the technical improvement of door and window locks, of "neighborhood watching", as well as of dialing "110" in the event of suspicious perceptions.

Information on all matters relating to protection against burglary can be obtained from the experts at the Prevention and Victim Protection Department on 0209 / 365 8412.

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110